God's Print

What is God's print?

One of the most powerful things we can do is share the stories of our people and how God is working their lives. In 2021, we will be sharing stories of the people who make up our congregation.

Why story sharing is important

We have the opportunity to connect to each other by the stories we share. Stories have the ability to encourage, inspire, and affirm other people. 

Share your story

We are looking for stories of saved marriages, addiction, being a survivor, evidence of God's Grace, and Baptisms and Conversions. If you are willing to share your story of how God has worked in your life, please email office@gfcc.net.

A Story of Faith: Melissa Rothchild

God has blessed me so much in my life even when sometimes I knew I didn’t deserve it but he never left my side.  On May 18, 2018 I found out I had a large tumor and had colorectal cancer.  I was so scared and felt so lost and didn’t know what to do and my husband said we will fight this together.  A couple days later I went to our church GFCC and they sang the song “God you’re so good” and I just cried and prayed to God to please help me get through this journey.  The next week I went to my eye doctor and she saw how upset I was and she asked if she could pray for me.  After she prayed she said every morning when you wake up you thank God for everything he does for you and he will bless you everyday.  I believe God placed that doctor in my life that day because my life totally changed after that.  When I was going through all my treatments, tests, procedures and surgeries God would bless me by calming my nerves and getting me through this journey.  Pastor Shawn has gotten me through this journey as well and one time when I was having a procedure I had posted that I was singing “God you’re so good” to myself while waiting to go in my procedure and he sent me the YouTube video of that song and I watched it and just cried because I knew God would bless me again. This 2 1/2 year long cancer journey I have been on has been long with lots of bumps in the road but God has been there every step of the way and has blessed me. When I am having a rough day or night and I look at the clock 3:16 appears every time.  I know god is sending me a message and the Bible verse from John 3:16 “For god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”.  The Sunday before Christmas Pastor Shawn preached on this Bible verse and I just know that God is placing this  verse in my heart and it is meant for me to get through this journey.  God is so good all the time and has blessed me so much.  

A Story of Trust: Margo Dye

Being a parent, and actually parenting our children, is one of the hardest jobs on Earth. I am utterly thankful that my 4 children are out of their reckless teenage years and more thankful that I didn’t gain any gray hair!

We raise our children in Christian homes, with Christian morals and values. We have high expectations for our kids and many times when they don’t meet those, we get discouraged and perhaps blame ourselves for their negative choices. This became my life story during my daughter’s high school years. She made negative choices; hung out with the wrong crowd; lied excessively; was arrested; and, of course, shunned discipline. As a parent, it was the hardest time of my life, and one I never want to relive – and it’s really, really hard to remember that God is in control when you’re living a hellish reality. During one of her belligerent outbursts, not only did she sling hateful words toward me, but also loudly yelled, “There is no God. How can I believe in someone I can’t see?” as she was scrambling out of the house to run away.


After the door slammed, I was left in tears once again, and at the end of my rope. “Who is this daughter of mine? What evil has purveyed her mind and spirit? I’ve raised my kids with Christian morals and values in the same home. Why has she turned away from this?” At that very moment, I lifted my hands and cried out to Jesus: “I NEED YOU, Lord. I can’t do this by myself. Take this from me and I will trust you with my daughter…” Within seconds, I had immediate relief in my soul. I felt Jesus by my side, arming me with strength and courage, allowing me to “let go” of this immense heaviness in my heart. And HE took control.

Little by little, with faith and fervent prayer, God brought her back to me and reality. Did we continue to have rocky times? Absolutely. However, with Jesus at the wheel, I trusted His promises. FAITH is not believing that God can; it’s knowing that HE WILL. Today, my daughter has been married for almost 4 years to a man who adores her, and they live in Berkeley, CA. I have 2 beautiful grandbabies, and praise God daily for ALL that he has given.

A Story of Perseverance: Dave Rubottom

You’re never too old or far away to know Jesus.

Seems fitting that God would choose the month of March for me to write this testimony because four years ago in the month of March 2017 my whole world as I knew it would abruptly change. I had always, at a young age, believed that there was a God, but my family did not attend church services, so I never learned the Scriptures. Despite that, I always believed that God was in my heart and therefore always with me.

For many years as my parents’ health declined, I became full time caretaker even though my sister advised me to put them in a home and get on with my life. By making the decision of taking care of them as they had taken care of me the Lord blessed them with a longer and more joyful life, for I was able to notice changes in their health and seek the necessary medical treatments thus giving me more time with my parents. In March of 2017 all that was going to change drastically. They say that the Lord comes to those crushed in spirit and I can testify to that fact. For at the age of 55 I lost both my parents a few weeks apart from each other. Naturally not belonging to any church I needed to find a Minister to perform the services and that is where the Lord brought me to Pastor Shawn who gave me answers about why I should read the Bible and in fact gave me a Bible of my very own before he performed my dad’s service. I had started reading the Scriptures some when the next devastating occurrence happened. I found my Mother dead in bed. The only thing that came out of my mouth was ‘No dear God Help Me Jesus” as I laid on the floor in a fetal position sobbing. I called Pastor Shawn and he asked what he could do for me at the moment and I asked him to point me to scripture which I now see how much Jesus loves us so much and is waiting for us to come to him. I now see him working in the background assembling the pieces of our lives like a puzzle into the beautiful picture it is intended to be. That Easter I attended my first service at GFCC and on May 21, 2017 was baptized.

Despite all that has happened in my life, including the death of my wife last year, I see that though the trials may be unwanted and painful, I will come out of them stronger for I am not going through them alone but with the Lord and my brothers and sisters at GFCC by my side.

A Story of Courage: Shawn Cornett

In the late spring of 2002, I was having a very difficult time in life. My wife and I had moved from central Illinois to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. We had been called to serve in a church that was far from home. It was far from our families and everything that was comfortable to us. We had the stress of moving and switching jobs and unfamiliar surroundings. As in any new pastorate, there are growing pains and challenges. The challenges started to mount and the pressure started to increase. I felt like I was failing at everything. It all became so much that I remember sitting in my car and wishing that I could pull out into traffic so that all of the pain could be gone. 

Once I snapped out of that moment, I realized that something was very wrong. I needed to go see my doctor. I told my wife that I believed that I was depressed because I had been feeling this way for quite a while. So I went to see my primary doctor and we talked for a while about how I was feeling. He said that he didn’t think that I was depressed, but that I may have had a different kind of mental illness: bi-polar disorder. It had never crossed my mind, but looking back I knew that it was true. I started to talk with a psychiatrist and was diagnosed as bi-polar II. I began taking medication for my mental illness and through trial and error, eventually found the best combination of meds that help me the most. 

Throughout this nearly 20 year journey through mental illness, God has been faithful. He has watched over me and protected me. I know that He could heal me in a moment, if He chose to do so. I also know that He empowered and enabled doctors to create medications for people like me. God has used my journey to help so many others who are on a similar journey. When I talk about my diagnosis, it helps others to know that so-called “normal” people have struggles, too. 

If you struggle with a mental illness, know that you are not alone. There’s nothing wrong with you. You just have a unique illness that was caused by the fall of humanity. Do not be afraid to talk with someone about the feelings or the struggles you’re having. Help is available and I would be glad to share the road with you, too. I’ve always heard it said that if you had a broken arm, what would you do? You’d go to a doctor to fix it. There’s no shame or stigma about a broken arm. The same is true for a broken mind. There’s no shame in admitting that you need help. So go get the help you need. You are so special and important to the people in your life. Let God lead you to the help you need. Believe me, it is worth it. I would have missed out on so much had I ignored the warning signs and tried to go it on my own. I got help and I am grateful to the Lord for seeing me through it.

PS - Ask me about how the song “Up” by Shania Twain saved my life.